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REMENBERING: DECLAN DE BARRA Rough mix. I recorded the piano while on tour in Germany a few years ago. I was sleeping in the bar I had just played at and the other lads and lassies went out drinking. So I had the place to meself. There was a little standup piano there and this wee melody came out. I put a little handheld recorder on top of the piano did a few takes, a few with the vocal melody and a few lines and one or two with just Piano…and then forgot about it, as i often do with things.
When I found it again my friend Deon Vozov (also on Soundcloud) was setting up her new studio and wanted to try out a microphone. So I scribbled down a few lines and sang a few takes. I hope to get a chance to mix it properly with her soon (she is supremely talented).

I will put the finished version up soon. Just a little taste for people who have been waiting for new music.

Enjoy! Declan